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Access Rights

Managing access control is a collaborative effort that involves information security, system business owners, IT project management, active directory managers, and more.

Commugen access control Management enables an ongoing 
distributed management of access rights including:

Audit and Review User Access Rights

Periodic audit and review of application permission group members, via business and IT owners.


Ensure Separation of Duties

Manage access rights for all system in a business process, to ensure separation of duties.

Manage Access Requests

Maintain a workflow for access requests. Support employee lifecycle - onboarding, function change and termination.


Focus on Privileged Accounts
Access Rights

Manage access groups for business processes and applications.
Limit granting high privilege access rights to high-risk systems.

Commugen Access Control Management is built on 
Commugen’s state-of-the-art No Code technology, that enables continuous adaptation to your organization business needs.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises


“Commugen Access Control Management let us centrally manage access permissions, incorporating the principles of least privilege and separation of duties. We continuously verify, revoke, and audit these credentials."

Liat Asraf,


Supply Chain Risk Management is a major requirement 
of all cyber security frameworks and standards. e.g.:

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