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No-Code Cyber GRC Automation Platform

Cyber GRC is broken. We put it back together with powerful no-code automation.

Let’s put your cyber security GRC on autopilot:

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

Build Cyber Resilience Through Automation

Visualize Cyber Posture

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Manage Multi-Compliance

“Commugen’s automated visualization tool has saved me hours and hours of work”. With one click of a button, I get an updated snapshot, a golden standard of the bank’s posture that I can share with my stakeholders. I used to work for hours, collecting, processing, and validating the data manually - finally, I have one source of information I can trust 100%.”

Alon Sarfati, CSO at Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank

Entirely Automate your Cyber GRC

Run our specially built cyber GRC automation workflows, designed for vulnerability mitigation, risk assessment, MITRE ATT&ACK readiness, or compliance operations.

GIF of a dashboard with pies and graphs
GIF of the Rules feature in the platform

Enjoy Seamless Automated Workflow

Run automations by expressing and preforming powerful business rules on the data models. Any model can use data from any other model, can loop over certain criteria and more.


Add or discard columns, filter, sort, aggregate, colorize, and even edit in-line! Those capabilities enable you to look at the data, and get all you need from it.



Forget the slow previous-generation GRC platforms. Time to value is measured in weeks, not quarters.


Risk calculation engine, Control overlap mechanism and other GRC core feature based on 20 years of experience


No two companies are alike. So why should their Cyber GRC Platform be the same? Our solutions will fit you like a glove

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