Commugen is the leading Israeli Cyber Posture and RegTech company.

Commugen solutions are used by a third of Israel’s financial institutions and were chosen by the Israeli Cyber Directorate as the national platform for Supply Chain Risk Management and Organizational Cyber Defense.
Commugen’s solutions enable CxOs to manage a holistic view of their field of responsibility through graphic representations.  They are built on AppChi – the Commugen’s enterprise no-code platform, 
that provides the benefits of:


Business user independence

Intuitive Ux

Enterprise ready



Eyal Sassoon

Co-CEO & Founder

Prior to founding Commugen, Sassoon was the CEO & founder of “Internet in Education” at Ort Israel - Israeli Science & Technology school network, and one of the founders of the first Israeli virtual high-school. Sassoon, a computer engineer, has published books and articles about software and the use of computers in education.

Itai Sassoon


Itai joined Commugen as a Co-CEO in late 2020. Prior to Commugen Itai was the co-founder & CEO of Spotlight.AI, an Ad-tech startup, which he led to profitability and over 40 employees. Itai is an 8200 alumni, where he served as an unit commander of over 150 officers and soldiers. Holds a black belt in Judo.


Evgeny Segal


Segal, one of Commugen’s founders in 1999, is responsible for the ongoing operation of Commugen’s solutions in various clients’ environments. Evgeny excels in solving problems that involve technology and people.


Vladimir Tyomin


Tyomin is the father of Commugen’s technology. Tyomin joined Commugen in 2004 after graduating from Holon Institute of Technology. Tyomin is a UX expert for data rich systems. His MA thesis from the Open University centers around implementing advanced machine learning techniques.


Commugen believes that operational excellence will generate value for its customers.
Alongside innovation Commugen puts emphasis on quality work processes. It uses its own software to manage all work processes including quality control, bug tracking and customer relationship.


Commugen is ISO 9001 certified since 2002 for software development, design, production, marketing, implementation and support.


Commugen is also ISO 27001 certified for information security since 2016.



helping under-privileged girls in Israel


facilitating integration of Arab citizens into hi-tech industry and the expansion of hi-tech in Arab towns


Har Hanegev Search & Rescue has 85 volunteers, on the go, ready to go out and help those in need