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3 things every CISO should do TODAY

Don’t be a Scapegoat 🐐 3 things every CISO should do TODAY:

The SEC charging SolarWind’s CISO is the latest addition to a growing list of security professionals getting hit hard when their company is exposed. You shouldn’t let this happen to you. Here’s what you need to do:

🔐 Demand access to the board of directors:

With the cyber risks that every company faces today, the board has to understand what is at risk, what can be done to mitigate it, and what is done on a regular basis. You can’t keep someone safe if you’re not in contact with them.

🪑 Get a seat at the executive table:

A CISO has to work closely with the other company executives, articulating the value of cybersecurity in the language of business. Showcase how a robust security posture is not just a defense mechanism but a business differentiator.

🛡️ Shift from blame to collaboration:

Being proactive in seeking access to decision makers isn’t about avoiding blame; it's about collaborative risk management. By understanding business objectives, and helping business executives understand the importance of security work, you’ll empower yourselves to align security initiatives with corporate goals.

Do you agree? What other steps CISO’s should take? Let me know in the comments


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