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CISOs, you’re not alone in this, and this is not your fault

Many CISOs here need to hear this right now: you’re not alone in this, and this is not your fault.

Yes, expectations are rising. Yes, our adversaries uses new AI tools, while CISOs still aren’t given the proper resources, tools, and backup to meet these expectations.

This frustrating burnout has made many of my friends think out loud about quitting their job. 😞

But for the CISOs willing to fight the fight and win the war - this new era presents remarkable opportunities. 💡

Amidst this crisis, we have a chance to tell the CISO’s story in a new way. It is the perfect moment to communicate effectively with stakeholders, to show them exactly how the landscape is shifting, what we’re doing to adapt, and how our work keeps our organizations safe.

My fellow CISOs - don’t quit. Evolve and conquer.

(Link to the article in comments section)


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