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Thank you. We could have never done this without you

Now that we finished digesting everything from thanksgiving, we can give our thanks:

Thank you. We could have never done this without you.

We have our understanding of cybersecurity thanks to working closely with cyber professionals.

We learned how important it is to automate daily tasks thanks to the GRC manager telling us how much time it saves them.

We could only realize how important our customizable dashboard would be for CISO’s presenting to the board - by having CISO’s build them with us.

We realized how powerful it is to integrate MITRE ATT&CK into risk management only after being able to try it for the first time with innovating security teams.

So this Thanksgiving we wanted to thank you - our clients, colleagues and partners. Every day, we learn so much from you, and we look forward to learning even more from you in the future.


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