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Cyber Security Compliance Automation

Secure your organization, making sure you follow compliance standards all year long - with Commugen’s Cyber Compliance Automation platform and pre-built control overlap engine, security teams can meet all security legal and professional requirements, without spending precious time chasing their own tail. 

Rise to the highest compliance standards - without stressing every time an audit is around the corner.

Check out how automation can empower your security team:

Consistency. Efficiency. Security.

Let our automation handle your endless repeated tasks -
put cyber compliance on autopilot:

One Standard to Rule Them All

No more searching through endless siloed spreadsheets. Commugen’s automated compliance solution consolidates all your compliance standards into one user-friendly platform, automatically prioritizing your entire workflow for you - making sure you maintain all required certifications and adherence. Comply with more standards, with less manual labor. Moreover, client questionnaires and requirements can be uploaded to the same place, in order to automate them as well.

six different spreadsheets
two lists with same one accomplished task

Eliminate Redundant Tasks

Coordinate requirements from all your compliance standards, to clear off your to-do list from parallel tasks that have already been accomplished. Commugen’s compliance platform makes sure no work goes to waste.

Let Automation Follow-Up with Your Colleagues

Don’t chase your colleagues with email reminders and phone calls - let automated alerts and notifications do that for you, making sure each standard is met and keeping track of all your team’s advancements, so you know exactly who is meeting their compliance standards, and who still falls behind.

mail platform with a system alert pop up
assets and data protected

Keep your Organization Secure All Year Long

Having an automated system running your compliance check-up does not only save precious management time. It also makes sure your most important security measures are at work on a day-to-day basis, protecting your most sensitive vulnerabilities routinely, effortlessly, automatically.
Moreover, when it is time for the annual audit of a specific regulation, it is quick and easy to either export a full report with all control answers and evidence or communicate with the auditor within the platform with the right permissions.

Commugen PT and Vulnerability Management is built on 
Commugen’s state-of-the-art No Code technology, that enables continuous adaptation to your organization business needs.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

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“Before Commugen, we needed two employees wasting 30% of their time managing 30 different spreadsheets. Now - Commugen’s solution made us much more efficient, saving countless hours of manual work.”


Large Financial Institute

Cyber Security Compliance Automation is a major requirement 
of all cyber security frameworks and standards. e.g.:

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