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IT Asset

Managing IT Assets lifecycle is a collaborative effort that involves Information Security, IT Risk Management, IT project management, System Infrastructure, Procurement and more.

Collaborate. Simplify. Reduce Risk

Commugen IT Asset Management enables an ongoing 
distributed management of all relevant information including:

Organizational Context

Maintains a hierarchical organizational structure, correlated with processes and dependent assets.


Roles & Permissions

Manage permission groups and relevant parties like business owner and IT owner.

Asset Lifecycle Management

All details needed to maintain the assets. From IP address and physical location to end-of-life or end-of-support dates, all in one place.


Asset Risk Analysis

Classify assets according to their potential vulnerabilities and risks. Identify which assets require immediate attention or ongoing inspection. Determine SLA prioritization and Business Continuity aspects.

Commugen IT Asset Management is built on 
Commugen’s state-of-the-art No Code technology, that enables continuous adaptation to your organization business needs.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises


“Commugen IT Assets 365 let us have up to date inventory of IT Assets. Several people access the data and update it - the IT project manager, business continuity and DR, and Cyber Security.”

Johnathan Reitich,


Supply Chain Risk Management is a major requirement 
of all cyber security frameworks and standards. e.g.:

ISO 27001.png
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