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PT and 

Managing the process of penetration testing is a collaborative effort that involves Information Security, IT personnel, Procurement and others. Arranging all the relevant information in one place and streamlining the workflow with Commugen’s solution, speeds up the process and helps you get more done.

Collaborate. Simplify. Reduce Risk

Commugen PT and Vulnerability Management enables an ongoing 
distributed management of all relevant information including:

No more endless searches for the last pen-test conducted on a critical system 3 years ago. All of the relevant data is now available in one centralized repository.


All the relevant information
in one Place


Managed process and task delegation

Control the work process from the top with clear workflows - from scoping and until the very last manager approval of the mitigation conducted. The solution enables task delegation and alternating flows based on the task details.

Automate workflows and plans

Create automated Gantt charts or a calendar for your future tests, and make sure you stay on track with custom alerts right to your inbox. You can also build work processes that involve your IT staff for mitigation and your Cyber Security for approval.


Contextualize and Prioritize Vulnerabilities

When vulnerabilities are counted in hundreds or thousands, prioritization is a must. Commugen’s connected entities features enables a contextual understanding of each vulnerability - depending not only on the CVSS score but also on its connection to systems, business processes and business units.

Communicate and keep a holistic view

Clear and easy to understand graphics are the key in our hyper-complicated era. The automated dashboards present aggregations and highlight insights. The dashboards are easily customizable, allowing you to stay in control.


Commugen PT and Vulnerability Management is built on 
Commugen’s state-of-the-art No Code technology, that enables continuous adaptation to your organization business needs.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises


“Commugen PT and Vulnerability Management enables us to organize all of the information in one place, reducing the time it takes to find every survey, findings or system. I’m delegating the mitigation tasks in the platform, and the collaboration with the IT department is clear, prioritized and fruitful”

Deputy CISO

Large financial institute

PT and Vulnerabilities Management is a major requirement 
of all cyber security frameworks and standards. e.g.:

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