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Data Asset Management and Privacy Regulations Module

Streamline Compliance and Protect Your Valuable Data

Experience the power of comprehensive data asset management and privacy regulations management with our cutting-edge module. Empower your organization to effectively manage your data assets, comply with privacy regulations, and enforce robust controls.


Efficient Data Asset Management

Unlock the true value of your data asset. Gain full visibility into your data landscape, through the lens of business impact analysis, governance, and mapping of processes, enabling you to understand the scope and importance of your data assets.

Customizable Controls Management

Tailor your controls management approach to meet your organization's specific needs. Use flexibility and customization options, allowing you to define and implement controls based on industry best practices and regulatory frameworks. Align your controls with privacy regulations and enforce consistent security measures.

Privacy Regulations Compliance
Made Easy

Simplify the entire compliance process by providing a holistic view of privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and others. Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, including data subject rights, consent management, data retention, and breach notification, with ease.

Streamlined Privacy Impact Assessments

Efficiently conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to identify and mitigate privacy risks associated with your data processing activities. With structured framework for conducting PIAs, guiding you through the process step by step. Automate assessment workflows and generate comprehensive reports to demonstrate compliance.

The Future of Secure Software Development

Let our powerful automation simplify security integration, collaboration, and compliance within your software development lifecycle.

Put secure software development on autopilot.

Robust Data Privacy Controls

Ensure data privacy and security with robust controls management. Define and enforce controls to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse. Regularly assess control effectiveness, gather evidence with workflows, and generate reports to demonstrate compliance and address potential gaps.

Automated Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Stay ahead of evolving privacy regulations with our compliance monitoring and reporting capabilities. Continuously monitor adherence to privacy controls, identify non-compliance, and receive alerts. Generate comprehensive reports to demonstrate compliance to regulators, auditors, and stakeholders.

Integrations for Seamless Data Governance

Thanks to our REST API, our module seamlessly integrates with existing data governance and security systems, ensuring a unified approach to data management. Connect with data repositories and security tools enabling efficient data governance and incident management workflows.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises


“I can finally prove to my bosses that risk management saves money. The ROI of our team’s work has never been clearer.”

C, Deputy CISO

Large Pharamacutical Enterprise

Supply Chain Risk Management is a major requirement 
of all cyber security frameworks and standards. e.g.:

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