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Supply Chain
Risk Management

Supply chain cybersecurity risk management is a part of Commugen’s cyber GRC automation platform. To manage this risk, companies ask their suppliers to prove compliance with multitude of standards, frameworks and one-off security questionnaires. These questionaires typically contain hundreds of questions or control verifications, and impose a significant burden on Cybersecurity and IT departments.

Commugen’s Supply Chain Management
enables and simplifies the assessment for your customers’ supply chain cybersecurity requirements, including:

Answer every control only once

The solution uses a mapping of known standards to a single control repository. Once you answer a certain control, in any framework, you have it answered.


Collaborate on answering
a questionnaire

Delegate tasks to relevant personnel in Legal, Finance, R&D or any other department. The solution supports modular roles and permissions for organization-wide collaboration.

Re-use Resources

Use your company-facing compliance efforts to answer the questionnaires. 


Generate a Completed Assessment

The solution generates a control subset that’s relevant to your current questionnaire. It enables the duplications of past assesments with full answers, status and evidence, reducing time and effort.

Keep all relevant information organised is one place

All past questionnaires, all gathered evidence, all historical data – all in one place.


Supply Chain Compliance Management is built on Commugen’s state-of-the-art No Code technology, that enables continuous adaptation to your organization business needs.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

Supply Chain Risk Management is a major requirement 
of all cyber security frameworks and standards. e.g.:

ISO 27001.png
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